M.E.R.Z | Montage Explorations of Randomised Zygomorphism(s)

Merz is a nonsense word invented by the German Dada artist Kurt Schwitters to describe his collage and assemblage works based on scavenged scrap materials. This series explores instances of bilateral symmetries through collage.…

Night Falling… spring out of the room

Night Falling... spring out of the room Dream House series, 2018   open yourself therefore, window and your night, spring out of the room like a kernel...

Corrugation v.1

Corrugation v.1 Plait Surfaces series     theoria | elements  

Architectural Space #01

Architectural Space #01 Without Trace series, 2018   theoria | elements

Jamais vu

Jamais vu Dream House series, 2018     theoria | elements  

In Contrast To

In contrast To Rule Of Thirds series, 2016   theoria | elements