G.A.P | Geometric Auto-Poiesis [ + ]

Earthbound Plane[toid]

Earthbound Plane Perimetric Fields series, 2018     theoria | elements  

a study in red…

e-Motional Fuss... a study in red e-Motional Spaces series, 2018   A study in movement and balance   theoria | elements  


Appurtenance Structural Plasticities series   theoria | elements  

Aeolian Millponds

Aeolian Millponds Relict Mindforms series     theoria | elements  

A.C.T | Architectural Consumption Tactics [ + ] 

Exploded Parts #01

Exploded Parts #01 Kit-of-parts series, 2018 Exploded Isometric.   This worm's-eye view permit the viewer to peer upward into the building.   theoria | elements    

Formal Section #02

Formal Section #02 ///// Formal Section(s) series ///// 2018 sketchbook, micron pen   theoria | elements  


Unlaced ///// Anatomy of a Section series ///// 2018 Unlaced: Unfolding Elevation   theoria | elements  

Orange Elevation

Orange Elevation Now You See Me series, 2018     theoria | elements  

D.R.A.W | Descriptive Representations of Architectural Wonders [ + ]

Rites of Passage: Liminality

Liminality Rites of Passage series, 2018     theoria | elements  

Seek and Hide #01

Seek and Hide #01 Rites of Passage series, 2018 Study drawing   theoria | elements  

The 5th Column

The 5th Column Social Columnate series, 2018   The pillar that undermines thoughts from within… theoria | elements  


Cloudbuster Terra Incognita series, 2017   theoria | elements    

P.O.P | Pictorial Ortho Projections [ + ]

Collapsed planimetry | study sketch

Collapsed planimetry 2018 study sketch     theoria | elements  

Line as Threshold | sketch #002

sketch #002 Line as Threshold series, 2017   theoria | elements    

Cogent Disembodiment

Cogent Disembodiment early studies   theoria | elements    


Helicoid Coiled Spaces series, 2017   Wrapping a surface, generated by a straight line, and moving so as to cut or touch a fixed helix. ink on paper theoria:

R.U.G | Resilient Urban Grounds [ + ]

Burghal Amalgam

Burghal Amalgam Chance Encounters series, 2018 ink on Mylar     theoria | elements

Three Meeting Points

Three Meeting Points Chance Encounters series, 2018   esquisse: ink on mylar   theoria | elements    

Urban Clutter I

Urban Clutter I ///// Urbane Charts series ///// 2017   Theoria | Elements  


Infobahn Space Paranoids series, 2017   theoria | elements      

A.G.E | Abstracted Geometric Endeavours [ + ]

Expel[led] v.1

Expel v.1 Stratigraphy series, 2018     theoria | elements  

Apparatus #01

Apparatus #01 Machinic Assemblages series, 2018 Materialized space as its object...   theoria | elements  

Becomings #01

Becomings #01 Machinic Assemblages series, 2018 Becomings involve entering into assemblages or complex aggregates...   theoria | elements  

Liminal Gyration

Liminal Gyration Dis-Orientations series, 2018     theoria | elements  

M.E.R.Z | Montage Explorations of Randomised Zygomorphism(s) [ + ]

Night Falling… spring out of the room

Night Falling... spring out of the room Dream House series, 2018   open yourself therefore, window and you night, spring out of the room like a kernel...

Corrugation v.1

Corrugation v.1 Plait Surfaces series     theoria | elements  

Architectural Space #01

Architectural Space #01 Without Trace series, 2018   theoria | elements  

Jamais vu

Jamais vu Dream House series, 2018     theoria | elements  

A.N.D | Architectural Notation Drawing [ + ]

Floorplan[s] V.2

Floorplan V.2 Notations: Floorplan series, 2016  Shadow and poché theoria | elements  

Floorplan[s] V.3

Floorplan V.3 Notations: Floorplan series, 2016   Blueprint style theoria | elements  

T.A.P | Tracing Architectural Palimpsest [ + ]

Composite Elevation[s] V.02

Composite Elevation V.02 Notations: Elevation series, 2018   Composite elevation/section   theoria | elements  

insitu[ism] #02

insitu #02 Insitu-action-ism series, 2018   Insitu-action-ism on a partial section of the Palazzo Caprarola, Viterbo   theoria | elements  

insitu[ism] #01

insitu #01  Insitu-action-ism series, 2018   Insitu-action-ism on a partial section of the Hôtel de Ville, Paris   Theoria | Elements  

F.A.T | Form[al] Architectural Topographics [ + ]

Outcrop Surface[d] v.3

Outcrop Surface v.3 Aformal Plateaux series, 2018     theoria | elements  

Outcrop Surface[d] v.2

Outcrop Surface v2 Aformal Plateaux series, 2018     theoria | elements  

Outcrop Surface[d] v.1

Outcrop Surface v.1 Aformal Plateaux series, 2018     theoria | elements  

Under-surface[d] v.1

Under-surface v.1 Aformal Plateaux series, 2018     theoria | elements  

A.D.D | Actionable Descriptive Diagrams [ + ]

Design-drawing process

Design-drawing process dias series, 2017 The design-drawing process begins with two-dimensional expressions in the form of orthographic sketches and drawings. These multiview drawings are which help us accurately examine...

20 Great American Grids Side-by-side

20 Great American Grids Side-by-side dias series, 2017   Like the nationwide dream, it foreshadowed, the American grid promise was at once mythical and foundational: a utopian...

Conceptual Study: Movent Flow #02

Conceptual Study: Movent Flow #02 Project: The Derive of Discovery, 2008 Movent Flow diagram   theoria | elements  

On Form: A Matrix of Formal Vocabulary

On Form: A Matrix of Formal Vocabulary DiaLOGs series, 2015 A collection of operational terms used to describe movement and action in architectural form. Working as a...

M.O.P | Morphological Operative Projections [ + ]

Conceptual model + abstract site massing V.10

National Discovery Museum Project: The Derive of Discovery, 2008   Conceptual model + abstract site massing V.10     theoria | elements  

H.I.P | Hybrid Informational Processes [ + ]

3×3 Panel Presentation Mosaic

3x3 Panel Presentation Mosaic Project: The Derive of Discovery, 2008   Mosaic presentation format; nine collated A1 boards.   theoria | elements  

Eco-Membrane: 4 long presentation board[s]

Eco-Membrane: 4 long presentation board Pin-Up series, 2007   Hand-drawn, Photoshop   theoria | elements  

B.E.S.T | Bodily Eccentric Spheral Transcripts [ + ]

The Architect’s Riddle

The Architect’s Riddle Spatial anatomies series, 2007   Theoria | Elements  

M.i.N.D | Madness in Neoplastic De(line)ation [ + ]

Horizontal Composition[s] V.2

Horizontal Composition V.2 Horizontal Composition series, 2014 4 in 1   theoria | elements  

Horizontal Composition[s] V.5

Horizontal Composition V.5 Horizontal Composition series, 2014 4 in 1   theoria | elements  

Cross grid Composition[s] V.2

Cross grid Composition V.2 Cross grid Composition series, 2014 6 in 24     theoria | elements  

Horizontal Composition[s] V.1

Horizontal Composition V.1 Horizontal Composition series, 2014 1/5 in 20   theoria | elements  

F.L.O.P | Floor Lay Out Plan[s] [ + ]

Black on White: Plan #12

Plan #02 Black on White series, 2016     theoria | elements  

Duotones: Red Plan #01

Duotones: Red Plan #01 Plan Duotone series, 2016     theoria | elements  

Black on White: plan #01

Plan #01 Black on White series, 2015   theoria | elements  

Plan-Poché v.01

Plan-Poché v.01 Plan-Poché series, 2015   theoria | elements  

M.A.T | Mapping Abs-Traction(s) [ + ]

Bangkok: Geo-urban context

Bangkok | analysis, and mapping of the city Project: The Derive of Discovery, 2008   Site Analysis: Geo-urban context. Field Diagrams   theoria | elements  

O.D | Over Drawn [ + ]

[Form]al Study #01: positive/negative space

al Study #01: positive/negative space al Graphic Study series, 2016   By exploring positive/negative technique, like the continuous line technique, helps to see and represent the object...

[Form]al Study #01: High contrast

al Study #01: High contrast al Graphic Study series, 2016   High contrast technique uses black and white with no intermediate tone to create form. All values are represented...

[Form]al Study #01: construction lines

al Study #01: construction lines al Graphic Study series, 2016   Construction line technique is used here to explore and reveal the structure of the form.     theoria | elements  

[Form]al Study #01: monotone

al Study #01: monotone al Graphic Study series, 2016   The monotone technique requires only one value of a colour. The layering of several coats of the...

A.T.L.A.S | Aery Tectonics: Liminal Architectural Structures [ + ]

Tetrahedron Floe

Tetrahedron Floe Tectonic Landscapes series, 2014     theoria | elements  

Barren Twists

Barren Twists Tectonic Landscapes series, 2014     theoria | elements  

Framed agglomeration

Framed agglomeration Tectonic Landscapes series, 2014   theoria | elements

B.I.D | Building in Detail [ + ]

Window[s] D.12

Window D.12 Visualising Bits & Bolts: Window series, 2017 notation, shade on flat detail   theoria | elements  

Sur-faced: Cladding Block Vis #01

Block Vis #01 Sur-faced: Cladding series,  2012   Block visualisation: elevation with plan and section detail. Flat colour and crisp line drawing.   theoria | elements  

Sketchy details: Comp. #01

Comp. #01 ///// Sketchy Detail series ///// 2007 Composition board. Collection of detail sketches, ink drawing and coloured in Photoshop.   theoria | elements  

P.E.N | Platonic Elemental Natures [ + ]


'Pinholes' The Circle series, 2015   theoria | elements        

The Four faces of a Circle

Four faces of a Circle The Circle series, 2014 This illustration utilises the line as a structural device for shape finding, in this case, the circle.   theoria | elements  

M.E.T | Modular Equip Tesselation[s] [ + ]

Building Blocks: Hexagonal Tessellation study #031

Hexagonal Tessellation study #031 Building Blocks series, 2013   theoria | elements    

Module Study XVI

Module Study XVI Building Blocks series, 2012 Form + Structure     theoria | elements  

Module Study XI

Module Study XI Building Blocks series, 2012   Form + Structure   theoria | elements    

SK.i.P | SKetch in Place [ + ]

Edinburgh city #09

Edinburgh city #09 Scotland, 2017 sepia on paper     theoria | elements  

Rome’s Coliseum

Rome's Coliseum Rome sketchbook, 2015   ink on paper   theoria | elements  

Fred and Ginger

'Fred and Ginger' Prague Sketchbook, 2004 Dancing House, or Fred and Ginger, is the nickname given to the Nationale-Nederlanden building on the Rašínovo nábřeží in Prague, the...

Se de Lisboa

Sé de Lisboa, 2003 Travel Sketchbook: Lisbon '03, Portugal ink on paper   theoria | elements  

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