Weapons of Choice: The Architect and the Brain Scientist at the AA

WEAPONS OF CHOICE | Part I – The Architect and the Brain Scientist: An AA Media Event

Perry Kulper & Vincent Walsh in conversation, chaired by Kate Davies

Series: Evening Lecture /// Date: 2/12/2015

The Weapons of Choice series, hosted by Kate Davies gathers together multidisciplinary doers and thinkers to delve into the underlying processes behind the making of creative work. Engaging wild minds from the fields of art, design, technology, and science in discussion, to explore how the tools available to creative minds activate design thinking in peculiar, particular ways.

Ever wondered what your neurons are up to as you sketch and make; as you lure and provoke your ideas into being? Weapons of Choice Part I; The Architect and the Brain Scientist, brings together the fabulously speculative mind of Architect and Academic Perry Kulper in conversation with leading cognitive neuroscientist, Professor Vincent Walsh to engage in an interrogation of creative practice.  Kulper’s speculative work engages the territory of the drawing as a site of exuberant exploration and he will be discussing curiosity cabinets, flat out hunches, relational structuring, design methods – particularly analogic thinking, specific representation techniques for working and the use of language as a generative technology. Walsh, who has worked extensively with artists and musicians, brings an insight into the workings of the brain during creative acts, as we ask how the doing affects the thinking and to what extent it is possible to manipulate or nurture creativity.  Conversation will be chaired and stirred by Kate Davies.

Source/credits: www.aaschool.ac.uk