study drawing

Seek and Hide #01

Seek and Hide #01 Rites of Passage series, 2018 Study drawing   theoria | elements  

Line as Threshold | sketch #002

sketch #002 Line as Threshold series, 2017   theoria | elements  

Formative Boscage

Formative Boscage KRob 2017 Finalist | Professional Hand Terra Incognita series, 2017   Formative Boscage is a walk through an obfuscating mass of trees and...

Mindless Woodlands

Mindless Woodlands Terra Incognita series, 2016   Ink on paper     theoria | elements  

The Geometry of Mental Space: A 10mt sample study The Geometry of Mental Space series ///// 2017 Pen on tracing paper.   theoria | elements  

Cogent Disembodiment

Cogent Disembodiment early studies theoria | elements  

Lined Fields | sketch #158

study sketch #158 Lined Fields series, 2017     theoria | elements  

Caesura: study sketch #14

Caesura #14 Caesure(s) sketchbook A sketch from my Sketchbook: Caesure(s), exploring the behaviour of the line as spatial apparatus.   theoria | elements  

Caesura(s): study#04

Caesura(s): study#04 Caesura(s) sketchbook, 2017   theoria | elements