Expel[led] v.1

Expel v.1 Stratigraphy series, 2018

Apparatus #01

Apparatus #01 ///// Machinic Assemblages series, 2018 Materialized space as its object...

Becomings #01

Becomings #01 Machinic Assemblages series, 2018 Becomings involve entering into assemblages or complex aggregates...   theoria | elements  

Seek and Hide #01

Seek and Hide #01 Rites of Passage series, 2018 Study drawing   theoria | elements  

Burghal Amalgam

Burghal Amalgam Chance Encounters series, 2018 ink on Mylar     theoria | elements  

insitu[ism] #02

insitu #02 Insitu-action-ism series, 2018   Insitu-action-ism on a partial section of the Palazzo Caprarola, Viterbo   theoria | elements

Formal Section #02

Formal Section #02 Formal Section(s) sketchbooks, 2018 sketchbook, micron pen theoria | elements

The Fabric of Mental Space

The Fabric of Mental Space KRob 2017 Finalist | Professional Hand Hand-drawn, ink on vellum, 150 x 65 Through geometry, we voice of nothing...

Mindless Woodlands

Mindless Woodlands Terra Incognita series, 2016   Ink on paper     theoria | elements  

In Contrast To

In contrast To Rule Of Thirds series, 2016   theoria | elements  

Mental Space Constructs

Mental Space Constructs   theoria | elements  


Asabikeshiinh The Dream Catcher series, 2015   Asabikeshiinh, Ojibwe language for the inanimate form of the word "spider".   theoria | elements  


Qasaba Walled Grids series, 2016

3×3 Panel Presentation Mosaic

3x3 Panel Presentation Mosaic Project: The Derive of Discovery, 2008   Mosaic presentation format; nine collated A1 boards.   theoria | elements