Rites of Passage: Liminality

Liminality Rites of Passage series, 2018

Urban Clutter I

Urban Clutter I Urbane Charts series, 2017   Theoria | Elements  

Operational Congruity

Operational Congruity Form series, 2017 Exploring the geometric condition, agreement, and appropriateness. The substantial way of fitting things together in an accidental way.   theoria...

Dusty Devil

Dusty Devil Spatial Machinery series, 2017   theoria | elements  

Radial Organic

Radial Organic Urban Bastides series, 2016   theoria | elements  

Juxtaposed Grid

Juxtaposed Grid Urban Bastides series, 2016   theoria | elements  

Plan Instructive I

Plan Instructive I Orthogrammar series, 2016   theoria | elements  

Entangled Quarters

Entangled Quarters Urban Bastides series, 2016   theoria | elements  

Sketchy details: Comp. #01

Comp. #01 Sketchy Detail series, 2007 Composition board. Collection of detail sketches, ink drawing and coloured in Photoshop.   theoria | elements  

Cast-in-place concrete: vertical section #01

Cast-in-place concrete vertical section #01