The 5th Column

The 5th Column Social Columnate series, 2018   The pillar that undermines thoughts from within… theoria | elements  

Cardiographies of a Tectonic Vessel

Cardiographies of a Tectonic Vessel KRob 2017 Finalist | Professional Digital/Mixed e-Motional Spaces series   The ship of fools is adrift... the journey? An emotional...


Dyad Minded Fields series, 2016   Theoria:  

Entangled Quarters

Entangled Quarters Urban Bastides series, 2016   theoria | elements  

The Butterfly

The Butterfly Drawing Blots series   The Drawing Blots series focus on the idea of the double, the mirrored image and the two-faced.   theoria |...

Imaginary Encounters

Imaginary Encounters Border Line Conditions series, 2011     theoria | elements  

The Architect’s Riddle

The Architect’s Riddle Spatial anatomies series, 2007 Theoria | Elements