‘Sensing Spaces’ at the Royal Academy

Grafton Architects

How does the room you’re sitting in make you feel? What is it about the soaring roof of a railway station, the damp odour of a cellar, the feel of worn stone steps beneath your feet, the muffled echo of a cloister or the cosy familiarity of your lounge that elicits glee, misery, fear or contentment?

Seven architectural practices from six countries and four continents / 23,000 square feet / 72 days / One monumental exhibition.

Diébédo Francis Kéré
Eduardo Souto de Moura
Li Xiaodong
Grafton Architects
Grafton Architects
Kengo Kuma

Sensing Spaces – Architecture Reimagined

Royal Academy, London

25 January — 6 April 2014