the visual construct in practice

Praxis is doing... the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realising, or practicing ideas.

Three Meeting Points

Three Meeting Points Chance Encounters series, 2018 esquisse: ink on mylar

Floorplan[s] V.2

Floorplan V.2 Notations: Floorplan series, 2016 Shadow and poché

Rites of Passage: Liminality

Liminality Rites of Passage series, 2018


Unlaced Anatomy of a Section series, 2018 Unlaced: Unfolding Elevation

Floorplan[s] V.3

Floorplan V.3 Notations: Floorplan series, 2016 Blueprint style


Qasaba Walled Grids series, 2016

Black on White: plan #01

Plan #01 Black on White series, 2015