POIESIS | recreating the visual construct

Poiesis is Making… the activity of bringing something into being that did not exist before

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Digbeth field diagram

Digbeth field diagram mapping exercise, Birmingham B5 6DY  

Imaginary Encounter II

Imaginary Encounter II Border Line Condition series

Apparatus #01

Apparatus #01 ///// Machinic Assemblages series, 2018 Materialized space as its object...


Cloudbuster Terra Incognita series, 2017  

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Outcrop Surface[d] v.3

Outcrop Surface v.3 Aformal Plateaux series, 2018     theoria | elements

Expel[led] v.1

Expel v.1 Stratigraphy series, 2018

Outcrop Surface[d] v.2

Outcrop Surface v2 Aformal Plateaux series, 2018     theoria | elements  

Aformal Plateaux

Aformal Plateaux The ‘Aformal Plateaux' series is a set of illustrations that explore planimetric derived form. format: digital medium: Rhino, Photoshop date: 2018 ©Bea Martin

Three Meeting Points

Three Meeting Points Chance Encounters series, 2018 esquisse: ink on mylar

Corrugation v.1

Corrugation v.1 Plait Surfaces series     theoria | elements  

Composite Elevation[s] V.02

Composite Elevation V.02 Notations: Elevation series, 2018   Composite elevation/section

Floorplan[s] V.2

Floorplan V.2 Notations: Floorplan series, 2016 Shadow and poché