composing the visual construct...

Poiesis is Making | to create, invent, or bring something into being that did not exist before.

Liminal Gyration

Liminal Gyration Dis-Orientations series     theoria | elements  

study sketch: contrived threshold

contrived threshold study sketch     theoria | elements  


Appurtenance Structural Plasticities series   theoria | elements  

Aeolian Millponds

Aeolian Millponds Relict Mindforms series     theoria | elements  


Cloudbuster Terra Incognita series, 2017   theoria | elements    


Dyad Minded Fields series, 2017   Theoria:


Momentum Structural Plasticities series   theoria | elements    

The Fabric of Mental Space

The Fabric of Mental Space KRob 2017 Finalist | Professional Hand Hand-drawn, ink on vellum, 150 x 65 Through geometry, we voice of nothing but lines, strata, and segmentation, lines...

study sketch | caesura

Caesura point-line-hatch sketchbook A sketch from my Sketchbook: point-line-hatch, exploring the behaviour of the line as spatial apparatus.   theoria | elements    


  Projections Anamnesis series   theoria | elements      

Formative Boscage

  Formative Boscage KRob 2017 Finalist | Professional Hand Terra Incognita series, 2017 Formative Boscage is a walk through an obfuscating mass of trees and shrubs that grow below the threshold of...

Unfathomable Quill

Unfathomable Quill Spatial Machinery series   theoria | elements    

Geometric Morass

Geometric Morass Mental Space series theoria:    

Dusty Devil

Dusty Devil Spatial Machinery series   theoria | elements    

Mindless Woodlands

Mindless Woodlands Terra Incognita series Ink on paper, 2016     theoria | elements    

The Geometry of Mental Space: A 10mt sample study Pen on tracing paper. theoria | elements      

Cardiographies of a Tectonic Vessel

Cardiographies of a Tectonic Vessel KRob 2017 Finalist | Professional Digital/Mixed e-Motional Spaces series   The ship of fools is adrift... the journey? An emotional intersection between feeling and sensing,...


Toposcapes The Geometry of Mental Space series     theoria | elements      

The Topography of Mental Space: Apertures

Apertures The Topography of Mental Space series theoria | elements

Cogent Disembodiment

Cogent Disembodiment early studies   theoria | elements    

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