Terrain Vague | Expectant Condition(ing)

Terrain Vague | Expectant Condition(ing) Digbeth, Birmingham UK We perceive human artifacts as an amalgam of sensory phenomena understood through personal experience and memory, rather than...

recent drawings...

The Dawn of Redeeming Space

The Dawn of Redeeming Space 2018

Fugacious Manifold

Fugacious Manifold 2018  

Imaginary Encounter II

Imaginary Encounter II Border Line Condition series

Machinic Aggregation

Machinic Aggregation  


group to put together or considered as a unit...


lodge to become firmly embedded in a place…


juxtaposition to place close together two things being seen with contrasting effect…


proportion a comparative relationship between parts; the relative dimensions of an object…


effects a change which is a result or consequence of an action or other cause...


dome a vaulted structure having a circular plan and usually the form of a portion of a sphere, constructed as to exert an equal thrust...


flocking to form something by forcing or pushing it out…


tiling to cover in a modular and repetitive way…


analytique is an elevation drawing of a façade, surrounded by a decorative arrangement of drawings of important details and sometimes a plan or section of...


packing the action or process of filling or stuffing something…

about 'b'

I am the owner of Archilibs, an experimental design lab exploring the visual construct in architecture. I am an architect and urbanist by trade but I engage the world as a visual theorist, exploring the graphic theoria, praxis, and poiesis of architectural verbalisation.

latest drawings...

Apparatus #01

Apparatus #01 ///// Machinic Assemblages series, 2018 Materialized space as its object...

Becomings #01

Becomings #01 Machinic Assemblages series, 2018 Becomings involve entering into assemblages or complex aggregates...   theoria | elements  

Rites of Passage: Liminality

Liminality Rites of Passage series, 2018

Seek and Hide #01

Seek and Hide #01 Rites of Passage series, 2018 Study drawing   theoria | elements  

Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters format: analog medium: Indian ink, vellum date: 2018 ©Bea Martin

a study in red…

e-Motional Fuss... a study in red e-Motional Spaces series, 2018 A study in movement and balance   theoria | elements    

Burghal Amalgam

Burghal Amalgam Chance Encounters series, 2018 ink on Mylar     theoria | elements  

insitu[ism] #02

insitu #02 Insitu-action-ism series, 2018   Insitu-action-ism on a partial section of the Palazzo Caprarola, Viterbo   theoria | elements

insitu[ism] #01

insitu #01 Insitu-action-ism series, 2018   Insitu-action-ism on a partial section of the Hôtel de Ville, Paris   Theoria | Elements  

The 5th Column

The 5th Column Social Columnate series, 2018   The pillar that undermines thoughts from within… theoria | elements  


Unlaced Anatomy of a Section series, 2018 Unlaced: Unfolding Elevation

Formal Section #02

Formal Section #02 Formal Section(s) sketchbooks, 2018 sketchbook, micron pen theoria | elements

Urban Clutter I

Urban Clutter I Urbane Charts series, 2017   Theoria | Elements  

Orange Elevation

Imaginary Encounter II Border Line Condition series, 2018 _elements

Formal Section #01

Formal Section study sketch #1 Formal Section(s) sketchbook   theoria | elements  

Contrived Threshold :: study...

Contrived Threshold Contrived Thresholds series, 2017   study sketch   theoria | elements  

#1801 Archilibs ad lib...

A circle is a round plane figure whose boundary – the circumference – consists of points equidistant from a fixed point the centre. The...


Appurtenance Structural Plasticities series   theoria | elements  

Operational Congruity

Operational Congruity Form series, 2017 Exploring the geometric condition, agreement, and appropriateness. The substantial way of fitting things together in an accidental way.   theoria | elements  

Aeolian Millponds

Aeolian Millponds Relict Mindforms series     theoria | elements