Urban Clutter

Urban Clutter A Thousand Drawings #350   Theoria | Elements  

Anatomy of a Section: Study 1

Study 1 Anatomy of a Section   theoria | elements  

‘Now you see me’: Orange Elevation

Orange Elevation 'Now you see me' series   theoria | elements  

Newsletter: CIRCLE

#1801 Architecture ad lib | CIRCLE the line without beginning or end read newsletter

Sketchbook I-18

A selection of sketches from my Sketchbook: I-18 theoria | elements    

study sketch: contrived threshold

contrived threshold study sketch     theoria | elements  


Appurtenance Spatiality of Thought series   theoria | elements  


Happenstance Tempographics series, 2018   Theoria:  

Operational Congruity

Operational Congruity   theoria | elements


Cloudbuster Terra Incognita series, 2017 https://youtu.be/-jVg4KGoMKc   theoria | elements    


Dyad Minded Fields series, 2017   Theoria:

e-Motional Space: Momentum

e-Motional Space: Momentum theoria | elements    

Falling in Line: point-line-hatch

https://youtu.be/UrKEvtcWo50 Falling in Line: point-line-hatch RISD Rhode Island School of Design lecture via Skype | November 13, 2017   “...one is not free just to invent the lines...

Line as Threshold | sketch #002

Line as Threshold sketch #002   theoria | elements    

KRob 2017 | indeed… Drawing is the ‘Motive force of Architecture’

The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition (KRob) has celebrated the best in architectural delineation for 43 years. A Dallas classic that has received international recognition, KRob...


#17111 Architecture ad lib | PARALINE OBLIQUE drawing in paralleli modo   read newsletter  

The Fabric of Mental Space

The Fabric of Mental Space KRob 2017 Finalist | Professional Hand Hand-drawn, ink on vellum, 150 x 65 Through geometry, we voice of nothing but lines, strata, and segmentation, lines...

study sketch | caesura

caesura study sketch   theoria | elements    

de-Folium: shifting causality

Shifting Causality de-Folium series The uncertainty of geometric causality mapped in a leaflike structural array.   theoria | elements