Split worm’s eye

Split worm's eye axonometric Paralleli Modo series This worm's-eye view permit the viewer to peer upward into the building.   theoria | elements        

Plan with simultaneous exploded oblique views

Plan with simultaneous exploded oblique views Paralleli Modo series This composite drawing shows the use of sequentially rotated simultaneous views to hone in on the relationship between form and...

Multioblique Combination

Multioblique Combination Paralleli Modo series The composition of this drawing works as a viewing apparatus of the many elements, and geometries within a sense of process.   theoria |...

Non-vertical Z-axis stepped plan

Non-vertical Z-axis stepped plan Paralleli Modo series A non-vertical Z-axis stepped plan provides a direct interrelationship between floors.   theoria | elements      

Paralleli Modo

The Paralleli Modo series is set of drawings exploring paraline drawings. format: digital medium: Rhino date: 2014