3d modelling

3d modelling 3D modeling (or three-dimensional modeling) is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object in three dimensions via specialized software...   3d modelling →


abstract to represent a subject in a way that is not pictorial or responsible for documenting its actual existence; an interpretation of a subject-based upon a study of particular characteristics...   abstract →


actions are an intentional, purposive, conscious and subjectively meaningful activity. Desire and belief jointly cause the action...   actions →


addition to add something to something else...   addition →

aerial perspective

aerial perspective or atmospheric perspective is a technique for rendering depth or distance by muting the hue, tone, and distinctness of objects perceived as receding from the picture-plane...   aerial perspective →


aerography is a surrealist method in which a stencil used in spraypainting is replaced by a three-dimensional object...   aerography →

Amman tiling

Amman tiling is an aperiodic set of two tiles and a foursome of ‘golden rhombohedra’, which form aperiodic tilings in three dimensions. The best-known Ammann tile set combines a slim rhombus with a square tile…   amman tiling →


analysis the process of separating a complex subject into constituent parts so that each part can be studied independently…   analysis →

analytical drawing

analytical drawing relates to the drawing of lines to represent the three-dimensional structure and geometry of a form, proceeding generally from the whole to the constituent parts...   analytical drawing →


analytique is an elevation drawing of a façade, surrounded by a decorative arrangement of drawings of important details and sometimes a plan or section of the facade...   analytique →