Archilibs (Architecture ad libs) is an experimental design studio exploring the Form of Architecture and the Architecture of Form. A conceptual investigation, digital and analogue, through a process of drawing and making. Research that is both technical and philosophical.
Archilibs questions and reiterates the mission of form through continuous research, intense interrogation, and devotion to craft. It explores the geo(graphic)s, inform(action)s and morpho(logic)s of architecture.
The methodology of work is not limited by the normal conventions of architectural delineation of form making, rather a representation of diverse types of explorations, material, connections, notions; a body of works that transvers a wider process of the inherent reasons underlying the verbalisation, visualisation, and materialisation of the architectural construct. Some constructs start more as discursive investigations, some are visual records, some hint, others never reveal their architectural subject.
In all, they open up new frontieirs of the imagination whilst embracing, and never discarding, the power and potential of both analogue and digital form making.




Bea Martin

Bea Martin is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Huddersfield where she is also the BA (Hons) Architecture  Course Director.

my drawing philosophy…

A drawing should be conceived as a machinic assemblage — a drawing that is multiple. Its function or meaning no longer depending on an interior truth or identity, but on the particular assemblages, it forms with other drawings. My methodology draws an analogy to the work of Deleuze and Guattari by exploring drawing as an assemblage. An exploration of how the drawing is put together and stratified as a subject, and a careful manoeuvre through the bleak conception of the ‘drugged body’ provided by these two philosophers. I argue that a drawing should, ultimately, be valued for what it can do (rather than what essentially ‘is’) and that assemblages should be assessed in relation to their enabling, or blocking, of a drawing’s potential to become other.

[ Education ]

APA/PgCert |
Birmingham City University
| 2020

Master of Architecture |
University of California, Berkeley
| 2010

Dip.Arch, MSc.Urban Planning |
University of Lisbon
| 1995 – 2001

[ Academia ]

Senior Lecturer in Architecture |
University of Huddersfield
| 2021 –

Lecturer in Architecture |
Birmingham City University
| 2018 – 2021

Instructor |
University of California, Berkeley
| 2008 – 2011

[ Practice ]

Architect | PLP Architecture, London
| 2012 – 2014

Architect | Rogers Stirk Harbour, London
| 2006 – 2007

Architect | Lifschutz, Davidson Sandilands, London
| 2005 – 2006

Architect | Metropolitan Workshop, London
| 2004 – 2005

Architect | Anshen + Allen, London
| 2002 – 2004

Assistant Architect | Inskip + Jenkins, London
| 2001

[ Organisations ]

FHEA | Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

RIBA | Royal Institute of British Architects

ARB | Architectural Registration Board

OASRS | Orden dos Arquitectos

[ Achievements ]

KRob | Finalist, Professional Digital/Mixed | 2019

KRob | Finalist, Professional Hand | 2018

KRob | Finalist, Professional Digital/Mixed | 2017

KRob | Finalist, Professional Hand | 2017

KRob | Finalist, Professional Hand | 2017

[ Features ]

Vol 1 No 2 (2020): Narrative Architecture /// “Topo[graphies] of the Un/conscious” | https://journals.ap2.pt/index.php/AIS/article/view/321/270