Speculative Assemblies


The Geometry of Mental Space: A 10mt sample study

https://youtu.be/gGTB1sAvdts The Geometry of Mental Space series ///// 2017 Pen on tracing paper.   theoria | elements  


Cloudbuster Terra Incognita series, 2017 _elements


Helicoid Coiled Spaces series, 2017   Wrapping a surface, generated by a straight line, and moving so as to cut or touch a fixed helix. ink on paper theoria | elements  


Happenstance Tempographics series, 2017   theoria | elements  


Dyad Minded Fields series, 2016   Theoria:  


Apertures The Topography of Mental Space series, 2016     theoria | elements  

Urban Cluster I

Urban Cluster v.I Urban Clusters series, 2016   theoria | elements  

Site Plasticity: Formal Structure

Site Plasticity: Formal Structure Project: The Derive of Discovery, 2008   theoria | elements  

Stillness in Motion

Stillness in Motion e-Motional Spaces series   A study in movement and balance   theoria | elements  

Mental Space Constructs

Mental Space Constructs   theoria | elements