Speculative Assemblies


Toposcapes The Topography of Mental Space series     theoria | elements  

The Geometry of Mental Space: A 10mt sample study

https://youtu.be/gGTB1sAvdts The Geometry of Mental Space series ///// 2017 Pen on tracing paper.   theoria | elements  


Cloudbuster Terra Incognita series, 2017  


Helicoid Coiled Spaces series, 2017   Wrapping a surface, generated by a straight line, and moving so...


Happenstance Tempographics series, 2017   theoria | elements  


Dyad Minded Fields series, 2016   Theoria:  


Apertures The Topography of Mental Space series, 2016     theoria | elements  

Urban Cluster I

Urban Cluster v.I Urban Clusters series, 2016   theoria | elements  

Site Plasticity: Formal Structure

Site Plasticity: Formal Structure Project: The Derive of Discovery, 2008   theoria | elements  

Stillness in Motion

Stillness in Motion e-Motional Spaces series   A study in movement and balance   theoria | elements  


Terrain Vague | Expectant Condition(ing)

Terrain Vague | Expectant Condition(ing) Digbeth, Birmingham UK We perceive human artifacts as an amalgam of sensory phenomena understood through personal experience and memory, rather than...

Digbeth field diagram

Digbeth field diagram mapping exercise, Birmingham B5 6DY  

The Dawn of Redeeming Space

The Dawn of Redeeming Space 2018

Fugacious Manifold

Fugacious Manifold 2018  

Imaginary Encounter II

Imaginary Encounter II Border Line Condition series

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The Dawn of Redeeming Space

The Dawn of Redeeming Space 2018

design drawing

design drawing Any of the drawings made to aid in the visualisation, exploration, and evaluation of a concept in the design process...

Machinic Aggregation

Machinic Aggregation  


drawing the art, process, or technique of representing an object, scene, or idea by means of lines on a surface…

Fugacious Manifold

Fugacious Manifold 2018