‘ResiRise Skyscraper’ by KOL/MAC LLC

ResiRise Skyscraper by Sulan Kolatan and William MacDonald KOL/MAC LLC | 1999 New York Aerial perspective view from the south-east towards Central Park: digitally rendered image file (using Autodesk Maya software). in Drawing:…

‘Interpretive Center’ by Hanrahan and Meyers

'Interpretive Center' by Hanrahan and Meyers | 1988 Chattanooga, Tenessee Black and ink, red pencil and transparent colour film on mylar. [td_block_16 custom_title="ad libs" tag_slug="Hanrahan and Meyers," sort="random_posts" limit="3" ajax_pagination="next_prev"]

‘Calendar School’ by George Ranalli

Calendar School by George Ranalli | 1979-1981 Calendar School Residential Renovation, Historic Restoration, Newport, Rhode Island [td_block_16 custom_title="ad libs" tag_slug="George Ranalli,axonometric, colour pencil, color pencil," sort="random_posts" limit="3" ajax_pagination="next_prev"]