Shifting Causality

Shifting Causality de-Folium series, 2017 The uncertainty of geometric causality mapped in a leaflike structural array.   theoria | elements  

Assembly Line(s) #02

Assembly Line(s) #02 Assembly Line(s) series sketchbooks   theoria | elements  

study sketch | Constructural Shift

Constructural Shift study sketch   Sketchbook II-17   theoria | elements  


Happenstance Tempographics series, 2017   theoria | elements  

study sketch #1

study sketch #1 Clockwork Grille sketchbook, 2016   theoria | elements  

Mental Space Constructs

Mental Space Constructs   theoria | elements  


'Spineless' Tempographics series, 2016     theoria | elements  

Lined Fields | sketch #002

sketch #002 Lined Fields sketchbook, 2016 Sketchbook I-16 /// Lined Fields: An exploration of the line and the intersection of spaces.   theoria | elements