Cogent dis-Embodiment

This construct explores the infinite movement and ceaselessly changing the configuration of lines in space. Unfolding of problematic spaces —its interrelated and intertwined nature of implicit things that are not yet given. Testing geometry through projective forces and currents of spaces yet to become.

The Geometry of Mental Space series

Drawing Blots series

The Butterfly


Procedural Embodiment

tracking de[vice]s


Geometric Expletives




Arrival 51.5074° N, 0.1278° W

Viro(logical) assembly; grafted substructure.


La Vie Antérieure

mix-media /collage

J’ai longtemps habité sous de vastes portiques
Que les soleils marins teignaient de mille feux,
Et que leurs grands piliers, droits et majestueux,
Rendaient pareils, le soir, aux grottes basaltiques.
My Former Life
For a long time I dwelt under vast porticos
Which the ocean suns lit with a thousand colors,
The pillars of which, tall, straight, and majestic,
Made them, in the evening, like basaltic grottos.

— Charles Baudelaire








The Mirror Cracked from Side to Side

The drawing explores the aggregation of human condition and emotion. The flattening and levelling of urban life plunged into pressed isolation. The manifold traits of the non-stop city become a near reflexion of what it was meant to be, or rather, what we have become inured to enjoy. The invisible thread is now painfully obvious. The multiple Layers of 'what it is' represented here in plan, section, elevation, or three-dimensional form, are compressed and trampled into a contaminated thin coated film of 'it is what it is' that ultimately cracks the silent echoes mirroring the urban grain.

"Out flew the web and floated wide- The mirror crack’d from side to side; The curse is upon me..."


Quarantined London

Set of sketches part of an exploratory series developed at the hight of London's lockdown.

From a confined but enduringly entwined London...

Lines of Flight

The hidden things that lie under the lines, invisible forces and tensions, uncharted landscapes beyond the horizon, concealed worlds envelop the given like a second skin.