Monthly Archives: June 2018

Collapsed planimetry | study sketch

Collapsed planimetry 2018   study sketch, ink on vellum

Architectural Space #01

Architectural Space #01 Without Trace series, 2018   theoria | elements

Jamais vu

Jamais vu Dream House series, 2018

Earthbound Plane[toid]

Earthbound Plane Perimetric Fields series, 2018     theoria | elements  

Great night at private view at University of Greenwich: Works 2018

Great night at the private view at University of Greenwich: Works 2018 Summer Show, Greenwich, 2018 Another year, another superb exhibition at the University of Greenwich,...

Assembly Line(s) #01

Assembly Line(s) #01 Assembly Line(s) series, 2017   sketchbook   theoria | elements  

Apparatus #01

Apparatus #01 ///// Machinic Assemblages series, 2018 Materialized space as its object...   theoria | elements

Becomings #01

Becomings #01 Machinic Assemblages series, 2018 Becomings involve entering into assemblages or complex aggregates...   theoria | elements