‘The Brutalist Playground’ installation at the RIBA

Brutalist Playground ©BG-Martin

The Brutalist Playground by Assemble + Simon Terrill

 10 June to 16 August 2015 at RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London

Part sculpture, part architectural installation, all play. The Brutalist Playground is a new commission by Turner Prize Nominees Assemble and artist Simon Terrill, exploring post-war design for play.


Occupying the entire architecture gallery at RIBA, it encourages visitors to look at the materiality and visual language of now lost Brutalist landscapes in new ways through an immersive and conceptual landscape. Although the value of Brutalist residential buildings today is much debated, this exhibition shifts the focus to the equally important playgrounds found at the feet of these structures, offering a renewed understanding and critique of the architects’ original designs and intentions.

more information here
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