Drawing Atmospheres: Site Lines

DRAWING ATMOSPHERES, RR3 Exhibition and Workshop

Site Lines is a visual construct produced for the DRAWING ATMOSPHERES, RR3 Exhibition and Workshop in September of 2021. The exhibition proposed to explore material and immaterial practices specific to drawing as a fundamental means of knowing and occupying the post-industrial context of Iowa’s agricultural scene. Unfortunately, the exhibit was postponed to 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic.

The work explores lines and traces, as a device, in order, to test movement and to uncover the interrelated and intertwined nature of the site. Furthermore, it takes inspiration from the following statement:

Perhaps… these ruptured lines are not solely broken spaces that we cannot perceive… these are the lines that simultaneously negotiate the destruction of min[e]d fields, traveling among them, leaving a trace of its origin, graphing itself and reading itself anew, opening itself always to another line, one more trace. Through conceptual and tectonic strategies, the visible lines, and invisible traces, become involved with and come to terms with the forces and currents of spaces yet to become.

There are two distinct stages of work. The territorialisation which relates to research and study of the site as a construct, and deterritorialisation, the breaking up of the site, which entails the deconstruct and consequential reconstruct of the conceptual element.

The Construct — a Midwestern agricultural landscape in Ames, Iowa — the exploration begun with the articulation of photography, particularly through photomontage and juxtaposition of forms, aiding an understanding of the context/site of the work.

The Deconstruct — fragmentation of the site, the different machines. Each machine is a layer of information, a codex, that is operating as a part of a folium. Layers 1 to 8. The preferred media enabled a non-linear narrative through the juxtaposition of site fragments and its ability to frame and ‘edit’ the field conditions, resulting in a disconnect of image from reality – the site. This phase was developed and produced solely on Rhino, the outputs resembling a series of shope drawings.